Indiana PIRC

About PIRC

What is a PIRC?

Parent Information and Resource Centers (PIRCs) support the Elementary and Secondary Education Act(ESEA, formerly No Child Left Behind or NCLB) and its most important goals: parent involvement and school accountability.

ESEA gives schools an increased responsibility of effectively involving parents in their child’s education.  PIRCs make this happen by:

    • meeting families where they are and 
    • reaching out and providing parents with information about the choices and opportunities available to them for their child’s education.
    • PIRCs and the programs they offer are family-friendly, providing information at times and places and in languages that work for the parents in their community.

ESEA places parents at the center of school improvement and student achievement.  The ESEA legislation mentions parents more than 900 times.  PIRCs are the Department of Education’s only program with the purpose of supporting parents.

The Indiana Partnerships Center is the only Parent Information and Resource Center in the state of Indiana.

  • Based in Indianapolis but working throughout Indiana, The Indiana Partnerships Center directly serves approximately 20,000 parents and 750 schools per year, reaching over 6,000 Limited English Proficient families and 11,000 low income families.  They also work closely with 196 Title I schools, including 23 of Indiana’s “schools in need of improvement.” 


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