Progress Reports Information


Maintaining communication between home and school regarding student progress is important.  The following are several ways in which school personnel will keep the parent informed of their child’s progress. 


Weekly Folder

Each week, students will bring home test papers, written lessons, and supplementary work that will give you a good idea of work being accomplished in class.  All of these are considered when your child’s progress is evaluated. It is the parent’s responsibility to sign the back of the folder indicating you have seen your child’s work for the week.  This folder must be returned to school on the following day.


Mid Term Reports

In the middle of each quarter (at 4 ½ weeks), a report indicating a student’s academic progress to that point is sent home to the parents/guardians.


Report Cards

Report cards are sent home at the end of each of the four quarters during the year.  Each child is responsible for taking his/her report card home.



Parent-Teacher Conferences  

Parent-Teacher Conferences are held twice a year (fall and January).  All parents are expected to attend the fall conference.  Winter conferences are scheduled at the request of the teacher or parent.